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ADE7753 with ARM plataform (AM335x)

Question asked by agarciaoteros on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by hmani

Hi at all,


along the last week I have had a lot of problems with ADE7753 and my ARM plataform (with AM335x).

I know that there is a driver for this IC meter (ADE7753) but I'm not sure how test it, I need a example program in C to test it, used this driver, I have problem to undertand this driver.


I try to use a simple way to read some register by SPI (spidev_test.c), but the ADE7753 don't send me anything, I only recieve 0x00 in all register.

With this simple example I send a byte, for example 0x3F and the device would send me the ID, I try to read other register but without suscess.

I need that somebody help me with it.


If you need more details please tell me.