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Equivalent of gcc's __attribute__((naked)) in Crosscore's compiler ?

Question asked by SpacedCowboy on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by SpacedCowboy

Having decided to take the plunge with a '609 board and hence use Crosscore with no free RTOS supplied, I've decided to write a simple task switcher which will be adequate for my needs. I've written them before on lesser processors, but always using gcc.


One thing I found useful before was the function attribute 'naked' meaning that the compiler didn't do any register saving for you, you had to do it all yourself. Normally this is not particularly useful, but if you're entering a context-switch, it's very useful :) I saw there were interrupt-related attributes in the compiler manual. But these seem to do the opposite of what I want in this case. Does the blackfin compiler provide an equivalent to 'naked' ?