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Failed to load firmware : ADAU1761 on BF537 EZKIT

Question asked by laeeq on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by larsc


I am working on audio with BF537 Ezkit. The ADAU1761 eval board is interfaced with Bf537 , sport pins, I2c pins etc. correctly. It gets confirmed with i2cdetect. Also i am able to get the test tone with DSP BYPASS On setting in ALSA. However i wish to use the DSP and hence when turning bypass off, i do not get any outputs. Further the adau1761.bin file doesn't get loaded . I am copying it in romfs/lib/firmware in my kernel sources and compiling.


My dmesg output is : Note that i added some printk statements just for debugging purposes.

Registered platform 'bfin-i2s-pcm-audio'

[   28.521309] LS: in bfin_i2s_init

[   28.533097] bfin-i2s bfin-i2s.0: dma rx:3 tx:4, err irq:45, regs:ffc00800

[   28.550402] sport_config_rx_dummy entered

[   28.558297] sport_config_tx_dummy entered

[   28.567158] Registered DAI 'bfin-i2s.0'

[   30.637353] LS : in init adau1761_init

[   30.660180] Registered DAI 'adau-hifi'

[   30.675463] Registered codec 'adau1761.0-0038'

[   32.711085] LS: in init bfin_eval_adau1761_init

[   32.728084] Maddy bfin_eval_adau1x61_probe

[   32.736144] Maddy snd_soc_register_card

[   32.747237] Madhav adau17x1_load_firmware

[   32.756449] _process_sigma_firmware: loading firmware adau1761.bin

[   32.768736] _process_sigma_firmware: request_firmware() failed with -22

[   32.782898] adau1761 0-0038: LS: Failed to load firmware

[   32.797049] bf5xx_pcm_i2s_new enter

[   32.804541] bf5xx_pcm_preallocate_dma_buffer, area:03f01000, size:0x00020000

[   32.819219] bf5xx_pcm_preallocate_dma_buffer, area:03f21000, size:0x00020000

[   32.833194] asoc: adau-hifi <-> bfin-i2s.0 mapping ok

[   32.893146] Maddy ret snd_soc_register_card bfin-eval-adau1x61


Q1: Why is it failing to load the firmware ? is the firmware (adau1761.bin) correct ?

Q2: The link here mentions of additioins in the driver, However the mach-bf537/stamp.c already has them ? is the driver and stamp files correct ?