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ADuM3223, feasible to drive power MOSFET IRFP4468PbF ?

Question asked by usaghi on Sep 27, 2012
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I'm now checking feasibility of ADuM3223, isolated gate driver, to drive power MOSFET IRFP4468PbF, as I attached datasheet.

I calculated gate current need for driving this FET as follows.


I = Ciss x Vgs / Tr = 19860pF x 7V(as driving voltage need for 180A drain current, from Fig.3 of the datasheet) / 230ns(Rise Time of this FET) = 0.6A


First, I saw 4A output at the title of datasheet of ADuM3223, then was assured it maybe good, however I can also see [ Average Output Current per Pin is -35mA to +35mA] at Absolute Maximum Ratings part of its datasheet. Subject to this description, ADuM3223 seems can not drive this FET.

But it saids [Average], so if above calculated 0.6A is not always, actually it is only when charging capacitance, it is possibly OK. If so, issue is how many times it will be switching...Could you please confirm whether this understanding is correct or not ?


As well, please give more explanation what is [ Output Short-Circuit Pulsed Current ] as a source of 4A output, especially what and what has to be short-circuited ?


In addition, if you can see other views when checking feasibility of ADuM3223 to drive this FET, any of your comment would be very much appreciated.


Sorry to ask these quite fundamentals, and hoping to have your kind support.


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