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ADuCM360 Uart problem

Question asked by gmthomas on Sep 26, 2012
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I have a CN0221 eval board and the CN0221 software which is building under Keil V4.54.


I have corrected the source code to use P0.1/P0.2 for the Uart Rx/Tx as per the schematic and the Uart clearly works as I have no problem downloading code into the board using CM3WSD. However I cannot get any output from my program out of the Uart.


I have reduced the code to a very simple initialisation of the clock, gpio and uart and then loop forever sending a single byte to the Uart every 3mS. But no mater what value I put into COMDIV or COMFBR or COMLCR all that comes out of the Uart TX pin is a 5 bit byte with a bit time of 4µS.


I am using Rev PrG of the user guide for guidance on the register bits but I cannot see how I can change the registers but it have no effect on the output!


Any suggestions please?