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On using clock doubler option of AD9963 for low jitter performance?

Question asked by Wavefunction on Sep 26, 2012
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In our project, we have a low-jitter oscillator source of 30 MHz directly clocking the AD9963, without using the on-chip DLL section. Since, we want to sample the ADCs and DACs with higher rate, we intend to use the Clock-Doubler option in AD9963 [Page 47: Configuring the Clock Doublers]. (As noted in the datasheet, I'm also aware that interpolation and decimation should not be used in this case).


However, I'm wondering if the usage of clock-doubler option would degrade the noise and SFDR of the data converters in a significant way! My concern arises from the DLL section of the datasheet. [Page 45: Using DLLCLK as the data converter sampling clock signal may degrade the noise and SFDR performance of the converters].

Can I assume that this DLLCLK section is different from the Clock-Doubler section and that this warning only applies if we use the DLL clock?


Hope, I have made myself clear!

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