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Setting up memory in a custom board

Question asked by Rittmann on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2009 by CraigG
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I have developed my application using an EZ-KIT BF537, and finally has come the time to put it in my own custom board, based on BF534.


The issue is, I have problems configuring my system's memory, getting all sorts of error messages - from exception errors until warning messages on memory issues -. I'm using VDSP++ 5.0.6 (full license), and after reading the documentation, I still haven't found a good step-by-step summary of what to do to properly configure my system's memory.


What I have done is modifying my system services functions to hold the new hardware - EBIU and Power settings -. I'm running VDK, so I need external memory (I've got plenty of it on my board).


On the other hand, I can't get a clue about the ldf edition in the expert linker - my guess my issue is solved both there and with some linking flags -.


Any suggestions?