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ADC5372 evaluation

Question asked by Prabhathan on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by Prabhathan

Dear All,

Since I am very fresh to electronics  I don't know how to get voltages from a multichannel DAC card. It is highly appreciated if you can give me some guidance for ADC board evalaution.

We bought a AD5372EBZ evaluation board to supply voltages to VOAs on a silicon chip.

We tried to power up the board through 3 DC source (as specified in the data sheet) and connected it to a PC through USB to check the voltages. But we couldn't see any voltages at the outputs.

Could you please tell us briefly how we can program this board effectively. Do we need any other software or signal inputs to to get the output voltages.

It is highly appreciated if you can help me with some suggestions for evaluating this multichannel ADC card

Many thanks,