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How to load file on bf537 stamp using tftp after loading u-boot_uart.ldr??

Question asked by Yaser on Sep 25, 2012
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I am using Bf537 stamp board. When I run minicom after loading u-boot_stamp537_uart_boot.ldr through UART, it does not give any prompt. I have to interrupt to get 'bf537>' prompt. Do I have to change boot mode switch to '0' to see its loading normally??

My second query is that, when I tftp any file after getting prompt, it give me 'ethaddr not set' error. But after I follow instruction give in site

: &

and set the address, I get 'Flash not erased at offset '0x3f0000' Error.


Please let me know, how to load u-boot.ldr properly and tftp file on it.