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AD8044 rail-to-rail problem

Question asked by flz47655 on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by AnnaFeB

I'm amplifying 1V peak to peak sine wave at 1KHz from an AD9834 DDS (0V to 1V) with an AD8044 op amp in non-inverting mode with +5V single power supply but i'm getting an unwanted output offset, amplified signal start from 640mV instead of 0V..

AD8044 isn't rail-to-rail?


I'm on breadboard and i'm using AD8044 with:


pin 4: 5V

pin 5: IN+ from DDS (ch2 on image)

pin 6: IN- 1.3k resistor to ground

pin 7: Output signal (ch1 on image) and 1.3k resistor to pin 6

pin 11: GND


I've tried also a biasing resistor of 1K from IN+ to GND but none changed..

Oscilloscope probe C is 20pF


Thank you