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SDH: How to read small block from the FIFO?

Question asked by quark on Jul 18, 2009
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1. How to read a small block from Receive FIFO in Secure Digital Host (SDH) interface of ADSP-BF547?


Due to Simplified Version of PHYSICAL LAYER SPEC on SD Card the size of SCR Register is 64 bits (See Sectin 5-6, page 89).


How to read SCR Register (8 bytes) from Receive FIFO using block mode transfer? It seems impossible to read it neither by DMA nor by core.


2. It seems there is an error in Hardware Reference (Volume 2 of 2) Preliminary, Revision 0.4, August 2008 for ADSP-BF54x Blackfin Processor.


page 23-22. Figure 23-6. SDH Power Control Register (SDH_PWR_CTL):


as shown in Figure 23-6:

Power On (PWR_ON) - 00 - Power on


in reality to enable power it must be:

Power On (PWR_ON) - 11 - Power on