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Digital Lock-In amplifier implementation into stereo codec with DSP (like the ADAU 1761) ?

Question asked by jean on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by BrettG

Dear All,



I need to build an accurate sensor processing system for our laboratory and I consider to build an digital Lock - In amplifier based on DSP technology.

I am new in the field of the DSP and before dealing with the learning curve of new processor ( SHARC or other ),

I wonder myself if an stereo codec with intergrated mini DSP will not be a solution ?


My problem is that I dont know the capacity of the internal DSP of this kind of codecs :


- is there a way to build an internal sin wave generator for external and internal reference ?

- is there a way to shift a sinus signal by 90° ?

- is there a way to shift dynamicaly a signal (+ - 180 °) ?


So, here after is a slightly modified shematic found on web.



Thank you for your opinion and advices,