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Question asked by Dari on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by KarenNE


I recently bought an evaluation board for the ad7626 (EVAL-AD7626EDZ + EVAL-CED1Z).

When i use the PulSAR Software I see a command that seem to configure the conversion source between "FPGA" or "External".

But i dont see any change : when I select the "External" source even when I connect the SMA (J3) of the board on GND.

An other command allows the selection of conversion mode between "Cont .Cnv" and "Burst Cnv". I don't found nothing in the documentation about that...

My objective is to use this adc, with an external clk.

Do you think it is possible to modify the FPGA's code on the AD7626 eval board ?

An other question : is it possible to have the layout file or the GERBER files, or a pdf file with the differents layers, this to help me to realise a custum board in respect of the design rules ?

Thanking you in advance,