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Export maximum delay as a define when exporting system files

Question asked by LoPiTaL on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by LoPiTaL

Hi everyone!


Using SigmaStudio, I have managed to export my system parameters and configuration so I can change the parameters of the DSP with a microcontroller.

The problem appears when I want to check if a delay value (the only parameter in a delay block, under DSP Functions->Delay->Delay) will be valid or not. To achieve this, I want to check if the new value is less than the maximum value allowed by the delay block, but this value is not exported as any define to the .h generated files.


There is a way to get this value?


I have tried with the latest version of SigmaStudio, version 3.7.4 beta.

I am using an ADAU1701, though it is not relevant.


Thanks in advance,