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LTP: Script removes and copies the linux folder for each test

Question asked by karthikeyan on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by vivili


    We are working to port the LTP for a BF527 based board. While reading through the code of kernel_test, it is found that the whole distro (including the linux) source code is taken as backup(line 528) (only if build policy kernel is enabled) and in each of the test case the linux folder is deleted (line 557) and copied from the backup (line 559) created. The deletion and coping back the whole folder for each of the test case is a time consuming process. Will a make clean and replacing the config file be sufficient rather than deletion of the directory itself?


Also earlier we did not want to run the build policy kernel step so we disabled the BUILD_POLICY (line 147) (by setting it to 0). Because of this the backup was not created (as creating backup code was part of the build policy kernel step) and so the copy back step failed for us. It would be nice if you could point us to some wiki page which could help us port LTP for our board.