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ADRF6701 Query

Question asked by Sudhanshu on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Sudhanshu

I am using AD9854 (I & Q output DDS) with ADRF6701(I & Q input Quadrature Modulator with Integrated VCO) to generate SSBSC output (hopping between 935-960 MHz)


The PCB is in design stage at the moment and expected to complete sometime soon within 10 days.


However, I have one query on ADRF6701. Please go through the attached pdf (extracted from ADRF6701 datasheet). I dont seem to understand from the datasheet the 0 & 90 phase shift of VCO, whose frequency would be 850 MHz (Fixed) , be applied to which Mixer-Upper or Lower (mixing with QP, QN or IP, IN)?


I intend to mix this 850 MHz from VCO (0 & 90 phase shift) with 85-110 MHz from DDS (AD9854-I & Q signals) to generate SSBSC with Lower Sideband Supressed.


I will appreciate if help is arrived soon