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AD8497:negative temperature & unipolar supply.

Question asked by bvn123 on Sep 22, 2012
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AD8495/AD8497: according to datasheet,

'Reference pin voltage can be offset to measure 0°C on single supplies.'



Is this also applicable for negative temperatures,

i.e., is it possible to use unipolar positive power supply for negative temperatures measurements, if to add appropriate positive voltage to Reference pin?

For example, one should measure the temperatures in -50°C...+150°C

if +Vs=5V, -Vs=0,  Uref=1V,

would be Uout = -50°C * 5mV + 1000mV = 750mV?


If not, which minimal temperature is it possible to measure under unipolar supply due to Vref compensation?



should one connect AD8497 negative input through 1M resistor to 0V,

if conditions are as in the example above?


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