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Resistor Divider Output changes when connected with AD829

Question asked by santhoshkanna on Sep 22, 2012
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     I attached my schematic here.


     I used four types of voltage dividers for my Analog Inputs. (10k-10k, 82k-12k, 1k-10k, 82k-22k). The Voltage Divider Outputs are given to ADG1206 Multiplexer. The Multiplexer Output is given to AD829 Opamp. The Opamp is connected in the Unity Gain Configuration.


     The problem is as follows;


     Before the selection of particular channel in the ADG1206, the corresponding voltage divider works properly. When i select the channel through ADG1206, the voltage divider does not behave properly. The ratio between Divided Voltage and Input voltage changes for each input voltage amplitude.


     What is the reason for this. Kindly suggest me


Thanking you,


O. Santhosh Kanna