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How to synchronize hierarchical boars?

Question asked by mazzer on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by BrettG

Hi everyone,


Let's suppose a scenario:

I have a project with 6 hierarchical boards on it. All the 6 hierarchical boards are identical, and they have been added to the project using the "load board" method (as described in

So, I made a change in one hierarchical board. This change is not propagated to the other boards.

There is a method to put all hierarchical boards in synch? I want to propagate the changes in one hierarchical board to all hierarchical boards of the same kind, but whithout loosing the routed connections.

I have tried to save the modified board and loading it to an already filled boad, but this didn't work.

The unique way is removing all hierarchical boards and placing the new version again?

The main problem is that each board have about 20 I/O connections and all this connections need to be routed again.

Can anyone point me a solution?

I'm using SigmaStudio 3.6 and ADAU1442.



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