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ADuCM360 Thermocouple Evaluation Board FTDI-Based USB Drivers

Question asked by spsweeney84 on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by MikeL

I am starting a design with the ADuCM360. I would like to use the CN0221 Evaluation Board to breadboard the design because it has all the support circuitry in place and brings all of the M360 pins out to header strips for easy connection. I already have a J-Link for debugging. I would like to make an external connection from the M360 UART to a Windows PC (Windows 7) using the onboard FT232R serial to USB converter.


My Question: Can I use the USB port on the CN0221 board as-is with the FTDI driver, or will I first need to reprogram the FT232R device from Windows XP with a new USB product ID as described in the post