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AD1938 four analog inputs in one ASDATA-Stream in TDM4 mode

Question asked by ChrisDan on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by ColemanR

Hi again,


i have asked your advice prior to this new diskussion (formerly subject ADAU1442 synchronization with codecs AD1938 in TDM4 mode), but i am still a little bit confused about the matter.


Using the ADAU1442 Eval-board (EVAL-ADAU144xEBZ) it was yet not possible for us to map four analog input channels of one AD1938 codec into one AD1938 ASDATA stream in TDM4 format. Actually there are only two analog input channels (IN0, IN 1) mapped in the AD1938 ASDATA output stream.


There are a lot of register and jumper settings. may be some of them are not set correct ?


Is it possible to solve this ? On the other hand, may be TDM4 is impossible in this case ?


Kind regards