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Need to AD9984 register parameter configuration table

Question asked by young on Sep 20, 2012
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Is currently debugging AD9984 chip, excuse me whether can be provided about each resolution input parameter table, is similar to the following ADV7180 this parameter configuration.My name is, thank you




: Autodetect CVBS In, YPrPb Out:


420000; INSEL = CVBS in on AIn 1


420457; Enable SFL


421741; select SH1


423102; Clears NEWAV_MODE, SAV/EAV to suit ADV video encoders


42 3D A2; MWE Enable Manual Window, Colour Kill Threshold to 2


42 3E 6A; BLM optimisation


42 3F A0; BGB


42 0E 80; ADI Recommended Write


425581; ADI Recommended Write


42 0E 00; ADI Recommended Write


5600 1C; Power up DACs and PLL


560100; SD only mode


568010; SSAF Luma filter enabled, NTSC mode


5682 C9; Step control on, pixel data valid, pedestal on, PrPb SSAF on, YPrPb out.


568720; PAL/NTSC autodetect mode enabled


568800; 8 bit input enabled