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simple buffer/splitter for audio lines with op amp

Question asked by massimo on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by massimo

Dear all,


I have to realize a simple circuit to split the line OUT from a sound card PC (green jack 3.5mm)

into two separate lines:


- one for standard headphones (stereo)

- one  for  line IN of a  mixer/preamp (stereo)


People normally uses a Y-cable as splitter, but unfortunately it introduces some attenuation and



The  power supply is provided by a standard USB port, so the voltage is 5 V±5% and

the typ. current should be 150mA (500 mA max).


I would like to realize a simple circuit based on AD op-amp but unfortunately I have no much

experience on analog and audio development.


I have found very interesting the AD822 Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Low Power FET-Input

Dual Op Amp, but unfortunately I have not even found an easy application note.


Can anyone suggest a particular AD devices, better if with technical notes ?


Thank you for your help.