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How to convert IAPEAK (or IBPEAK) register reading to real peak value on ADE7953

Question asked by karens on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2012 by hmani

On my application, I need to send current peak value to user when OIA or OIB (current channel peak value) interrupt occurred. I want to know how should I convert IAPEAK or IBPEAK register reading to the real current value on ADE7953 metering IC. Upon the data sheet, CURRENT CHANNEL ADCs section, it says "the ADC output swings between -6,500,000 LSBs and +6,500,000 LSBs ...". Since on my application, the current value won't be negative designed by HW, so can I use +6,500,000 as the current sample full scale? Or what is the correct method for the conversion? 


Thank you very much in advance!