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ADuC7060/61 Code protection

Question asked by V.M. on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by PatrickN

Is there a way to protect the FLASH/Code by simply loading it via JTAG  in a production environment (without letting the MCU execute)?

The protection scheme seems to rely on the CPU writing to registers in the flash control interface; for this to happen the CPU must be executing...


A related clarification question:

In a previous discussion

a document "ADuC7060 Flash Protection.pdf"

was offered that described (somewhat) how the protection works.

Just to be clear -- in this document there is a mention of two registers --- the FFEHID and the FEEHIDE registers.


Are these registers, in fact, one and the same? If one searches the datasheet, FFEHID in nowhere to be found...


There is a similar problem in the datasheet (Rev D | Page 25 of 108):

While heading at the top-right of the page reads FEEHIDE Register, and Table 16 heading mentions FEEHIDE MMR -- the text in the two paragraphs below the table refer to FEEHID (there is no E at the end).

This is very confusing....