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ADV7611 - pixel output formating

Question asked by LukaszNowak on Sep 18, 2012
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I have some problem with setting the right output color formatting with ADV7611.

First about my enviroment:

my target device is 960x540 LED dispaly capable of following input signals:

- 24bit RGB     [ R ; G ; B ]

- 16bit YCbCr  [ Y ; Cb/Cr ; - ]

- 24bit YCbCr  [ Y ; Cb ;Cr ]


my HDMI signal source is digital TV box (with parameters that i set):

- resolution 576p




I want to use 24bit RGB format so I set this at my target device, and set the OP_FORMAT_SEL to 24-bit 4:4:4 SDR mode - 98 03 40 and appriopriate setting of 98 04 register (bus rotation). As a result the image is displayed but has strong green backgroung. As I am able control the composites of the displayed image with my display driver hardware, I see that the G composite is a blank screen (all pixels with the same intensity - looks like HiZ). On the remaining B and R composites a proper image is displayed. When I switch the bus order with 04 register the "blank" screen goes always on the G place.

The other format that would fit my target is 98 04 80 - 16bit 4:2:2 YCbCr, but after reconfiguring I got similar result, and it looks like there is a composite on P[16:23] while it should be HiZ there.


Another thing: I had INP_COLOR_SPACE set to 0001, but changing it to 1111 doesn't help.


Interesting thing: the blank green composite happens when the RGB_OUT register is set to 1 - RGB out on. When changed to 0 (YCbCr output) some composite is displayed there (should it be luminance Y?) but still I cannot match any other setting in my targert to fit it.


Another question: is it possible to set 24bit 4:4:4 Y Cr Cb format so each element is on separete 8-pin segment? It is sattated in the datasheet but it is not listed in the output modes table. That would fit third format supported by my target device.


Any clue?


Thanks in advance,