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Question asked by Rasterjannik on Sep 18, 2012
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Hi you all,


I would like to have an algorithm that makes a kind of sustain. It shall limit levels higher than a given value and increase those, which are lower. Signals lower than a given threshold shall be untouched or cut to zero.


Searching through the help I've found a compressor "standard rms" which seemed to could help to do the job, but as so many others described in the help, it is missing in my sigma studio - or I can't find it.


Further I would like to have a mute and an invert for a signal, which are simply switched by a GPIO line. I don't want to write some words via I2C for such a simple task.


--- Thank you, Brett, for your really helpfull AN 951 ---


It seems to me, many things are possible with Sigma Studio an most are simply done, but not always it is easy to find out, how...............


Kind Regards