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Multiple DXes of two dual core projects

Question asked by deepak on Sep 18, 2012
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I am using BF561 EZ Kit Lite board for my application. I have tried EE272v01 of blinking the upper or lower LEDs. I am able to do this multiple DXe exercise successfully. Now I have my two separate dual core projects. first project is MPEG4 SP/ASP API which is configured for 5Mbps video. Second dual core project is MPEG4 SP/ASP API which is configured for 1Mbps video. both the dual core projects are working seperately. I am trying load DXEs of both the projects with a single loader file. For this i have replaced lower_blink and upper_blink projects from EE27201 example by my both the projects. Now I have four executables 5Mbps_p0.dxe and 5Mbps_p1.dxe of first project and 1Mbps_p0.dxe and 1Mbps_p1.dxe of the second project. Now in the project Bf561_prom16, in the cmd.c file, I have written loading and execution of  5Mbps_p0.dxe and 5Mbps_p1.dxe with one switch SW6 (pf5) press (and 1Mbps_p0.dxe and 1Mbps_p1.dxe with one switch SW7 (pf6) press). Also in project option at loader i name a loader file BF561_prom16.ldr at appropriate place and in additional option I added ./debug/5Mbps/5Mbps_p0.dxe ./debug/5Mbps/5Mbps_p1.dxe ./debug/1Mbps/1Mbps_p0.dxe ./debug/1Mbps/1Mbps_p1.dxe. similarly in the kernal I added BF561_prom16.dxe at appropriate place. Now when I load the loader file created (or even in executable mode), my multiple dxes are not working on pressing respective switches.(Though our original upper_blink and lower_blink dxes was working i the same way). Please clarify where I went wrong. also is it possible to load such four dxes of two projects in multiple dxes program.




Deepak Awasthi