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BF537 assembler question

Question asked by pfeifferc on Jul 15, 2009
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hi !

my project is mostly programmed in C - some audioRoutines are written in Asm and taken from visualAudio


i want to modify my scaler function from 16bit(signed) multiply with the audioSignal(32bit signed)


to 16bit(unsigned)*32bit signed

R3=16bit signed value - should be interpreted as unsigned16bit

R1=32bit signed value


A0 = R3.L*R1.H, A1 = R3.L*R1.L (M);
A1 = A1 >>>  15;
R0 = (A0 += A1);
R0 = R0 + R2 (S) || R1 = [I0++] || R2 = [I1++];



i'm not very familiar with the assembler syntax - so please let me know how to modify this code !


thanx christoph