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Ldr file programming into Serial Flash

Question asked by Akash123 on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Akash123

I have developed Visual DSP based firmware for my project on BF527 EZKit. I have validated my code by making application (*.dxe) file and loading through JTAG and running the application. Today when I tried to program the Serial Flash with (.ldr) file , I loaded the serial Flash driver . Once I have written to the Serial FLASH. when i have restarted the application It was not running. then in Project Load properties Flash was selected and then I changed to SPI. Now when I tried to load into the FLASH "Error writing to flash" is coming. Now even FLASH erase is also not happening. what to do. Now when I tried to run *.dxe file through JTAG that is running but I am unable to see UART output on Hyper terminal. Please help. what could be the proble. Next week we have Demo. that's why I tried to Load into FLASH and got Struck.