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BF533 L1 BANK A0?

Question asked by Hong on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by rsingh

Hi, I'm using the H264 BP encoder library. The guide says the encoder needs some memory allocated from L1A0,A1 and L1B0,B1 for optimal efficiency. However, i found the demo provided by the library allocates the memory as below:


app_L1A1_temp, app_L1A0_temp in L1_data_a_cache,

app_L1B0_temp in L1_data_b


app_L1B1_temp in L1_data_b_cache


I'm not sure how to specify the buffers correctly.

Does it means L1A0_temp and L1A1_temp should be in L1 DATA BANK A and L1B0,B1 should be in L1 DATA BANK B? Is it no difference that separates the L1A1_temp and L1A0_temp to L1_data_a and L1_data_a_cache?? 


Thanks and B.R.