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Problem about generating triangle wave by AD9958

Question asked by ilove5566 on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by DSB

So my boss ask me use ad9958 generating a triangle wave

the first functionality i thought is using the linear sweep mode to do it

after using the evaluation board software tool Rev. 1.0 i find that maybe it is possible to do that

but i have confronted few problem

so the linear sweep mode can sweep the frequency at my desiring range and speed

but once it reach the max frequency i have to click the profile pin  manually to trigger the FDW to make it sweep back

is there any setting i can change to make it sweep back and sweep forward again and again to achieve my goal(triangle wave)


To deal with the above problem i have thought few way to improve it

i think that if it is possible I send a square wave to profile pin through the manual I/O control headers in usb mode to change the logic level of it to trigger the RDW and FDW repeatedly to make a triangle wave


If the above problem's answer is yes i would like using another channel to generate a square wave and send it back to profile pin but here comes the question can ad9958 generate a square wave by the evaluation software ? 


To control the profile pin i would like change the logic level to do it but i don't know the voltage of logic-1 and logic-0 of profile pin (i didn't find it in the spec maybe i missed it


So the above underline question is my problem .If any one can answer it I would be very thanksful