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AD7760 decoupling, 0201 caps ok?

Question asked by trioflex on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by MClifford



we are facing problems with AD7760 board, so we are looking over all parts of it


1) are 0201 sized 0.1uF capacitors OK for decoupling? Datasheet says 0603 to be used. 0201 fit very close exactly at the IC pins so we used them as we had small PCB real estate available. Is this OK, or is there some reason why 0603 should be used?


2) AVDD1 decoupling, we use L + 0.1uF exactly as in datasheet reference schematic and in ADI evaluation board schematic. But datasheet says in the pinlist description use 0.1uF + 10uF in paralellel? What is correct? ADIs own evaluation board has only 0.1u uF caps there.


3) L used in the decoupling - datasheet says for one of them need use 15nH we use this exact value for the rest we use somewhat generic EMI beads, is that OK, or should some special inductors be used?