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updating uImage in flash from userspace

Question asked by Henning on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by James.Kosin



I'm looking for a way to update the uImage stored in the flash from linux userspace (without using uboot).


The flash is separated into 3 partitions:


1) bootloader   

2) persistent data (jffs)

3) uImage.ext2


Now I want to tftp or scp the new uImage.ext2 from a remote host into the target's ram and than burn it directly into partition 3. But I'm a bit lost.


1) Is it even possible do burn/write something into a partition that is not mounted?

2) Which command do I need? With fw_set_env and fw_get_env I'm able to manipulate the uboot-env-variables, but that does not help me to burn anything.


Thx for your help.