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AD9910 parallel port

Question asked by ADotDotDot on Sep 12, 2012
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I saw the datasheet but I don't understand how work the parallel port mode. In fact the datasheet said :


"When the destination bits indicate that the data-word is destined as a DDS frequency parameter, the 16-bit data-word serves as an offset to the 32-bit frequency ".


Is that mean that the value entered on the parallel port is added to the destination register or doesit meanthat the value entered on the parallel port replace the value of the destination register?


I saw in the evaluation board schematic that a FPGA and a FIFO are used. However can i directly interface the parallel port with a microcontroler without FPGA and FIFO?


What is theadvantage of using aFPGA instead of a microcontroller?


Thanks in advance for your help