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How to detect RF signal by using AD8312 or ADL5501 ?

Question asked by Mulder on Sep 12, 2012
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We made a evaluate board to notify by using AD8312 and ADL5501 when catching cellular phone (GSM and 3G/WCDMA), wireless LAN and bluetooth signals.

We can find the difference of Vout pin at AD8312 or Vrms pin at ADL5501 if there is GSM, wireless or bluetooth signal around.

But there is no difference of Vout or Vrms for 3G/WCDMA signal.

May I asking how we can do to check 3G/WCDMA signal by using AD8312 or ADL5501?


Ps. We check Vout or Vrms when dial or receive 3G/WCDMA cellular phone near to evaluate board.


Your prompt response will be appreciated.



Mulder Yang