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PPI Usage

Question asked by tamirci on Sep 11, 2012
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I designed a circuit based on AD9218 and BF537. I connected ADC outputs to DSP's PPI interface and trying to take samples into DSPs internal memory.


My PPI mode is GP PPI Mode - RX Mode, 1 external frame sync.


I m giving 1us pulse  at 4 Khz rate to frame sync pin.


I initally tested the data buffers but could not see any data altough adc output has the data.


My driver is;


*pPPI_CONTROL= (short) 0x0000;


*pPPI_CONTROL=(short) 0x380C;     // FS1 rising edge, PPCLK, rising edge, 16-bit, Non ITU, Receive

*pPPI_COUNT=1023;                            // 1024 bytes of sample per trigger

*pPPI_DELAY=0;                                   // no delay. start immediatly as soon as frame syncs happen


*pDMA0_START_ADDR=&txbuf->Data->Data[2];     // put sampling data into tx buffer

*pDMA0_X_COUNT = 1024*2;


*PPI_CONTROL |= PORT_EN;     // Enable PPI


i read whole register definitions and peripheral explanations but could not find where the problem is.


is there any idea?


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