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Downloading a simple code via ARMWSD.exe

Question asked by bio-12 on Sep 11, 2012
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I'm making a board that has the main function controlled by ADuC7020. I made a simple code to write outputs of the ports and tested it with evaluation board(EVAL-ADUC7020QSZ) by using JTAG (with ARMWSD). I confirmed the port outputs have the right values I intended to write.

So I moved to the next step, connect my real board with a JTAG downloader, and tried to download the same program.

The board I designed have the same RESET and SERIAL DOWNLOAD buttons as in the evaluation board to force the reset/ BM pin to be low, and I used ARMWSD.exe as used for the eval board.

And by probing the input of BM pin, I made sure the pin is low while the program is being downloaded.


After Mass erase of flash, I downloaded the program and the status showed the program is downloaded, but verifying it always fails.


I wonder if this approach(by hard-wiring BM pin and forced it to be low while reset)  is not right, and try IAP function downloarded w/ the program.