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ADT7516 Temperature reading update

Question asked by edg10 on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by edg10

I'm having a problem with the temperature reading updates on the ADT7516. The chip is configured for Round Robin operation with external temperature on D+/-. Communications to the chip is through the SPI interface.


I can get all the temperature and voltage readings from the device OK but the temperature readings seem to take two or three reads before coming to the current value. The initial read may be 35C, then 47C and then 50C, which is the actual temperature being measured.


I'm also using the high/low temperature interrupt to signal an out of range value, currently set at 50C for high limit. When the interrupt fires I read the device and display the temperature. The temperature displayed is typically 10C below the 50C threshold. If I re-read the device several times, it will start to correctly report a temperature of 50C or slightly more.


Is there some sort of buffering in the chip or configuration mode that affects this? Do I need to be reading it periodically (say every second or so) to get the current temperature reading?