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ADV7188 Design Confirmation

Question asked by tamirci on Sep 11, 2012
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We designed a video streamer board with ADV7188BSTZ. I just confisued on a few pins of the chip.


Video input is only CVBS format and will be connected to AN1 (INSEL=0000, Pin 42 CVBS1, ADC0_SW[3:0]=0001)


I would like to be sure what will be connected to the following pins when in this mode or not used?


SFL (Subcarrier Frequency Clock), SOY (SYNC on Y) , FB (Fast Blank)


I think these pins will not be used with CVBS input  alone but datasheet does not give any idea about what will happen when these pins are not used (pull-up, pull-down, not connected ..)?


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