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ADRF6755 Output frequency range

Question asked by CannaGiu on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Funkbox

There is a possibility to goes down to 50MHz RF output in ADRF6755?

I suppose that with minimum LO frequency of 144,375MHz i can generate down to 72.1875MHz but, why the specified minimum frequency is 100MHz? Maybe there is others hardware limitations to do this...?


Why there isn't a additional LO prescaler to allow to go to lower frequencies?

I think that Analog is made the same error of ADF4350 PLL/VCO also with this IC....

The newer ADF4351 have also additional LO dividers... I suppose that the internal architecture of ADRF6755 LO is the same of ADF PLL/VCO series.

Why the ADRF6755 not contains additional dividers like ADF4351?

Unfortunately, this issue affects my application and I have a big limitation to use the this new "very nice" IC in my complete applications range.


Anybody know if is scheduled in ADI roadmap a new component that allow to generate down to 50MHz or lower?