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ADV7604: Analog and digital support for 720p30?

Question asked by mra on Sep 10, 2012
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I use a Quantum Data 881 video generator as source and select 720p30 resolution and connect it to the ADV7604 receiver on our product. If I use the digital HDMI output of the video generator as source, ADV7604 can not lock to the signal (IO map reg. 0x6a is 0x71). Doesn't ADV7604 support digital 720p30?


If I use the analog VGA output as source, the receiver locks on the signal and goes out of free run mode, but the video is not received as it should. When ADV7604 is set up in auto-graphics mode (prim_mode = 0x2, vid_std = 0x07), hsync and vsync on the output of the chip is according to spec, but the DE pin is constantly low. If PRIM_MODE,  VID_STD and V_FREQ are configured according to "ADV7604, Hardware Manual, Rev. F, August 2010" page 49-53 (prim_mode = 0x01, vid_std = 0x13, v_freq=0x2), only the upper half of the video frame is received. DE is low for the rest of the frame.


CEA-861-E says 720p30 is based on SMPTE 296M, but there are two notes: "The reference standard uses tri-level sync, while CEA-861-E uses bi-level..." and "The reverence standard uses a composite sync while CEA-861-E uses separate sync signal..." Is only the original SMPTE 296 standard supported?


Register dumps are attached.


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