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ADSP 21479 interrupt..

Question asked by bansal on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Harshit.Gaharwar

I am using adsp 21479 sharc processor in our custom board.  here i m using this DSP processor to do fft. In my custom board this DSp processor is connected to FPGA processor. I am sending fft input from FPGA processor to DSP and then Doing FFT along with some imaging in DSP processor and  then sending data back to FPGA.  FPGA is working as AMI interface . fpga is sending data in every 15ms. and dsp is taking to do fft and imaging around 1 ms.


so here is my problem this FPGA is sending data to DSP continuously in some interval, so how will i check that this input fft data is something different from previous one. ?

will i use some kind of interrupt to DSP from FPGA to check and then performing to do FFT. and if then which interrupt and how ?


is there any thing easy to check data and perfrom fft. ?


when i m trying to dump this code in DSP flash (for flash booting) then it is going to load upto only 60%, then after that it was failing. ? this is loading in only flash sector 1.


plz gimme reply soon



Vijy Bansal