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Help, How to convert this hex value.

Question asked by walkercc on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by PaulB

Hello, ADI enginers.


My platform is sharc ADSP21369.


My team is develope sharc 21xxx series ,

and i want know how to control like visualaudio , so i capture some data .


1. this is volumefletchermuson and control fmGain(dB) parameter , and some data like below table

0x3ED139EC   -10dB

0x3EE44745     -9dB

0x3EF931EE      -8dB

0x3F0815BB     -7dB

0x3F14B56D    -6dB

0x3F22968E     -5dB

0x3F31DAFD    -4dB

0x3F42A85A -3dB

0x3F552873    -2dB

0x3F6989C4    -1dB

0x3F800000      0dB



2. this is limitcore decay time control data, attack time same as decay time .

  0x3C29C7E6  2ms

  0x3BE2C46B  3ms

  0x3BAA3916  4ms

  0x3B883FD1  5ms

  0x3B086426  10ms

  0x393A6E5A  100ms

  0x38DA7124  200ms


3. this is pitchshit module pitch parameter control data

0x438EB4A7  1

0x4412f2c7  2

0x446309F1  3

0x449BF21F  4

0x44C8E514  5

0X44f88440  6

0xC386B24F  -1

0xC402EAAD -2



So , please tell me how to convert it ? why 0x3ED139EC is -10dB, and why 0x3C29C7E6 is 2ms.

how to caluation it ?