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AD9764 clock input and COMP2 voltage

Question asked by HIDIR on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by larrywelchusa

Hi ,

I am feeding my AD9764 DAC using a 16 MHz clock generated by Xilinx Spartan3AN FPGA and the clock signal is a square wave with 800 mV mean and 1.36 Vpk-pk .


Also i see about 2 V in the COMP2 pin of AD9764 but i must see 0 V although i connect it to the ground using 0.1uF capacitor . I have checked the pins and the layout and could not find an answer ? What can be the cause of seeing 2V at COMP2?


AD9764 is not getting hot and i see about 500mV at the differential opamp output for a "00000000000000" input from FPGA . I am not sure if the DAC is working . Do you have any suggestion on how to test AD9764 in my situation using FPGA ?


How can I see the timing specifications of the clock on the TDS2022B oscilloscope ? (


Any help or suggestion about the testing, the clock signal or the wrong COMP2 voltage ?


thank you very much