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EBIU controller configuration with ARDY enabled

Question asked by anandku on Jul 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2009 by JiangW

We are testing WLAN module on our BF561 platform with EBIU interface. We are using AMS2 space for WLAN module with ARDY enabled (EBIU_AMCTL1=0x99C222C3). We are observing that AMS2 bank configuration value for access time of 2 cycles is not taking effect and we are always seeing 15 cycles for each Rd/Wr access though ARDY has gone high much before. We tried varying the access cycles from 2 to 9 and we always see
15 cycles of access time.


I am attaching waveform capture for the case where we changed timing settings to EBIU_AMBCTL1=0x99C222C3. Attached waveform is for read transaction and seen the access time is always 15 cycles (100MHz SCLK/10ns period). A,B,C,D,E cursors have been placed at different events which are self explanatory.