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Need help with the AD8230

Question asked by fbartra on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2012 by ScottH

I can't get this device to work.

I have built it exactly as is in the data sheet.

I am using a thermocouple K as input sensor. Gain = 100, RF = 100k, RG = 2k (I also tried with 10k & 200)

The output is approx zero.

I have added an output offset as described in the data sheet (300mV).

Vout = +5V, Vpin 7 = 300mV. I have replaced RT7 & RT14 with 10M resistors. (Bias current path)

see attached schematic

I have 6 boards behaving the same way


Any suggestions?

the eval board is obsolete, so I can't buy it to try


thank you