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differential Input of ad7792 not working properly?

Question asked by prash on Sep 6, 2012
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my self prashant. Currently m working on ad7792 for temp . measurement.(RTD). using pt100(range -199.9 to 400.0),  and 2 current sources, with proper connection. i am using ani+/- as diff. input. my input mv are -30mv to 217.35mv. selected 312.5mv gain.

but my adc output val not get properly.

at 0mv i can't get $8000 val in data register.

my setting as follow:

I use diff. inp. so

my config. as follow.

all values in hex.

mode register=$0009

config register=$0300

io regi.=$02.

at 0mv i get near about $0035 to $0060 data regi.val

plz help me.

plz give me solution.


in unipolar it's working properly! but I want in diff. inp.