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Getting different color shed on Video output from ADV7179 video encoder

Question asked by Sandip on Jul 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by ronc

Hello All,


For the following clock settings , I am getting true color but after 15 minutes horizontal rolling patch is coming and lossing video synchronization.


VDEC_27MHz_CLK     -->   Video Decoder ADV7183B and VDEC_CLKOUT    --> PPI0_CLK
VENC_27MHz_CLK    -->   Video Encoder ADV7179 VENC_CLOCK
PPI_27MHz_CLK     --->     PPI1_CLK



I am getting different color shed on video output from ADV7179 video encoder(images are attached here please check) but I am not getting video synchronization problem for the following settings

VDEC_27MHz_CLK     -->   Video Decoder ADV7183B and VDEC_CLKOUT    --> PPI0_CLK,PPI1_CLK and Video Encoder ADV7179 VENC_CLOCK


Both times, I am using NTSC camera.


So, How can i get true color from video encoder?
Is there any register settings/configuration required in video encoder ADV7179 for getting true color?


Waiting for reply.



-Sandip Shah