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ADV7393 color problem

Question asked by Ofek on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by Ofek

using the ADV7393 to create GREEN-ONLY NET display of single or double pixel line width, the vertical lines are less green and much more white compared to the horizontal lines.

The output is at PAL standard. Only green-related data pins of the ADV7393 are used.

The configuration script we use is per table 95 at the device's data sheet: 16-bit 652i RGB in, CVBSY/Y-C Out.

We use the YC outputs.


attached files:

     yc7.png, showing (maily) three vertical green lines, from H-sync to Hsync (single display line)

     yc1.png, showing (for reference) horiziontal green line. also from Hsync to Hsync (single display line, different line number in the display)


what could be the reason for the problem?